Kimble Hospital Installs New Analyzer for Upper Respiratory Testing

Junction, Texas (October 19, 2020) – Kimble Hospital has obtained a new GenMark ePlex Laboratory Analyzer expanding testing capabilities of upper respiratory pathogens, such as influenza and COVID-19. 

The newly installed analyzer runs a PCR test detecting the genetic material of a virus and can test for the presence of over 20 different respiratory pathogens simultaneously. It is considered the ‘gold standard’ of Covid-19 testing with the highest degree of accuracy available.

Jay Jackson, M.D., physician at Junction Medical Clinic is excited by the new testing capabilities offered in the lab. “With this year’s flu season already ramping up, knowing if a patient has the flu or coronavirus in a speedy manner will be a huge help in deciding treatment options.” Dr. Jackson also added, “If a patient is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 they should contact us so a medical provider can determine the appropriate method of testing.”

Before receiving the new analyzer, Kimble Hospital would have to send all Covid-19 tests off to a reference lab. Results often take a few days to get back.  The ability to run tests at Kimble Hospital eliminates the complete reliance on outside laboratories to obtain results.

“This new analyzer will improve the quality of care for patients with time sensitive constraints or those at highest risk,” stated Duke Young, Kimble Hospital Administrator.  “Once the test starts, we can know if a patient has tested positive for coronavirus as well as many other upper respiratory illnesses in around 2 hours.”

Kimble Hospital is a member of the Preferred Management family, who was able facilitate the purchase of the new analyzer, “We are happy to assist Kimble Hospital with the purchase of the analyzer and hope the community can benefit from this state-of-the art technology for years to come.”, said Jared Chanski, Executive Vice President of Preferred Management.

If someone thinks they have symptoms of COVID-19, they should contact Junction Medical Clinic so their provider can order the correct testing for their situation.  Drive through evaluation and testing is available with an appointment by calling (325) 446-3305.

Kerwin Nacua, Lab Director at Kimble Hospital using the new GenMark Analyzer.

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